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Create an Academic Resumé for College Admissions and Scholarships

2016-06-21 04:36:01am

Applying to college can be an exciting time. It’s a time in your life when you are able to move across the country (or across the world) if you choose.  It’s also the season of your life where you are able to hone in on your particular interests while discovering your passions and choosing the courses of your choice.  There is so much adventure and education awaiting you when you go to college, but….you have to be admitted to college first. 

Now-a-days colleges are no longer just looking for smart students with high GPA’s.  Instead, colleges want to admit smart and well-rounded students who can prove that they will not only pay attention to their course of study, but who are involved in things outside of their regular school day.

When applying to college, or when applying for a scholarship, you may be asked to submit an Academic Resumé along with your application.  This resumé is extremely important and can sometimes make or break your college admission chances or your odds of receiving that scholarship, so it’s important to create an Academic Resumé that positively reflects who you are, what you stand for, and helps you to stand out above the rest.

There are a few key things that you will want to include on your Academic Resumé.  Read below to find how out to craft your perfect resume that will help you get admitted to your dream college or to gain the scholarship that you’ve always wanted.   

1.  Contact Information
Start your Academic Resumé with a nice header that tells the readers how they can contact you.  Be sure to include your name (nick names are not appropriate), your mailing address, phone number, and the best email address where they can reach you.  Make sure that your email address is professional and includes some reference to your first and last name.  Email addresses like “” and "" might not send the positive impression that you want to send to the readers, so avoid these types of email addresses and instead create something simple with your first and last name.   

Here is an example of how to list your contact information on your resumé:

Michelle Scott

1234 Walnut Drive #789

Hometown, TX 76202

(555) 555-1458

2.  Education
In the education section, be sure to include information about your current school, what grade you are in, your current GPA, your class rank, and your expected graduation date. 

Type it in the following format:


Student at Cooltown High School
Graduation date: May 2019
Current GPA: 3.85 - Top 10% of class
3.  Work Experience
The next section is where you list your work experience.  Your work experience should include any jobs that you have had while in high school.  Be sure to specifically list your title, you duties and responsibilities while at that job, the dates you held that position, and any honors or awards that you received while on the job.   If you don’t have any official work experience, think about other things that could count as work experience for you such as babysitting, dog walking, gardening, etc.  If you did those things for a significant period of time, count them as your work experience and add them to your resumé.  Start with your most recent job first and then work your way backwards.

Here is an example of how you can list your work experience:


Sales Associate, Office Depot, June 2014 – Present

Maintain and restock inventory.
Provide customer service.
Operate computerized cash register system.
Child Care, Cynthia’s Daycare, August 2012 – June 2014

Provided child care for several families after school, weekends and during school vacations.

1) Simply enter their name. 2) View the military record online!
4.  Extracurricular Activities
The next section is for extracurricular activities.  Spotlight all of the amazing clubs and organizations that you are involved in in this section.  These can be clubs and activities that you participate in both in school and outside of school.  Here is an example of how they can be listed:


Marching Band, Clarinet  – Fall 2009-Present
Baking Club – Spring 2010-Present
Theater Club – Fall 2013- Spring 2014
Soccer Team, Captain  – Fall 2014- Present
5.  Honors and Awards
In this section, feel free to brag.  This is your time to list all of the honors and awards that you have received while in high school.  Jog your memory to be sure that you don’t leave anything out, and also include the dates associated with the honor or award.  List it on your resumé like below:


National Honor Society: 2012, 2013, 2014
Academic Honor Roll: 2012 - Present  
2015 Best Drug Prevention Week Poster Designer winner
President of high school chapter of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), 2014 – present
Secretary of National Honor Society, 2015 – present

6.  Volunteer and Community Service
The final section of the Academic Resumé is where you include information about your volunteer and community service experience.  College admission representatives and scholarship committees love to award students who have served the community.  So, take some time to list all of the ways that you have given back.  Here is a sample of how it can be listed:


Plano Public Library, Library Aide — Summer 2012 - Summer 2014
American Red Cross, Relief Volunteer  — Spring 2015
Dallas Presbyterian Church, Choir Member — Fall 2013 – Present
Big Brother & Big Sisters, Mentor — Fall 2015- Present

That’s it!  Spell check and then your Academic Resumé is ready to be sent out to colleges and scholarship committees everywhere.  Good luck! 
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